Owls, Owls, and more OWLZ

70s owl designs have a special place in my heart. As a kid who grew up with puke green carpet, a banana yellow rotary phone and wood paneling, all things 70s remind me of my childhood home. Please respond with your favorite 70s finds.


Hand Painted Owl Light Switch Plate $35


Fun Ceramic Owl $10


Green Owl Print Pillow $25


Vintage Owl Napkin/Letter Holder $8

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Anonymous said...

I like certain colour combinations from the 70's... chocolate brown and sunkist orange, or white and orange, or robins egg blue and orange. Anything orange?! LOL. I've been noticing the come-back of the owl a lot too and a lot of other animal shapes in more recent design trends... not the taxidermist style of mounted heads, but free-form animal silhouettes. Birds have always been popular.

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