New Website for Etsy Sellers

I created a website where Etsy sellers can share booth space at arts and craft fairs. Wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about paying a huge fee AND having to buy a tent, tables, and other display items? You can split the cost of the application fees and pool your equipment to cut your overhead costs.

And if you aren't able to spend an entire weekend at a craft fair, you could arrange to split up the days.

In addition to saving and therefore MAKING more money, you will have an interesting mix of items displayed to draw more people. Buyers are much more likely to visit a booth with a variety of items.

Any way you look at it, it means more money in your pocket.

Here is the link for the site: http://www.etsyco-op.com
I have placed some free ads on there from this blog to give the site a more full feel. I am offering paid advertising (to make this site worth the very LONG hours I am putting into it). I will phase out the free ads as I begin selling the paid ads.

I have the Event Postings section set up as a blog with a menu on the side where you can choose your state to view posted events. You can then post comments for events stating that you hope to share a booth and letting anyone else know what display materials you have to bring or would be able to purchase for the event.
I'm working to get the events posted as quickly as possible. I would love some ideas of events you've attended or would like to attend. That would be a HUGE help.

I would really love some feedback on what you think. Let me know how I can improve the site to make it more user-friendly.


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